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Find Out About The Benefits of Negative IONS.

Introducing BFit's SMART Fitness Band

BFit's SMART Fitness Band integrates fitness into your daily, weekly and monthly activities by communicating with your smart phone and computer with our iOS/Android app. Make fitness FUN and set goals!

For a limited time, place both the BFit's SMART Fitness Band and our energy bracelet in your shopping cart, enter coupon code "ENERGY" and receive the Energy bracelet free!!

BeBalanced Energy bracelets and watches use NEGATIVE IONs to help assist your body’s natural energy field along with holograms. There are very few bracelets available that combine both these elements in their design and composition. Our ION watches, Yoga towels and Mats include negative ions in their material to give you all the benefits. Our ION Mag bracelets include negative ions and magnets.

Negative ions are used in so many products.

For more information about negative ions visit:

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BFit's SMART Fitness Band
BeBalanced ENERGY BraceletsBeBalanced ENERGY  Watches
BeBalanced ION WatchesBeBalanced ION Plus BraceletBeBalanced ION Mag20
BeBalanced ION Mag+BeBalanced Mag74BeBalanced ION Slip Proof Yoga Towels
BeBalanced ION Yoga MatsMUSKOKA Paddleboards